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Island Visit: Maintenance Inspection

June 8, 2010

2010-06-08 10.56.31.jpg

Keith Lescarbeau inspects the condition of the oil house after 3 years of exposure to the weather and elements. Most of the paint has held up well but the east & north sides have sustained some damage and it needs to be addressed and fixed.

2010-06-08 10.57.27.jpg

Paint on the North side of the Oil House.

2010-06-08 10.56.37.jpg
The lighthouse itself did a bit better than the oil house but the north side in particular needs to be coated with more lime to protect the bricks.

2010-06-08 10.31.17.jpg
Paint on the top of the tower has sustained severe damage in just 3 years. The entire surface needs to be ground down and repainted.

2010-06-08 10.29.24.jpg
Keith and Craig Amerigian from DILS inspect the outside of the tower for weather damage.

2010-06-08 10.35.26.jpg
Keith and Whit Hill from DILS inspecting the condition of the steel railing outside the lantern room.

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