Dutch Island Light House Working to save a Narragansett Bay treasure


The First Major Restoration
Fall 2007

Keith Lescarbeau of Abcore Restoration setting up his landing and approach ramp to facilitate access to the work site.

S etting up the staging and starting to remove the outside layers to obtain a clean working surface.

Hand grinding off the debris on the outside of the lighthouse.

Grinding of years of rust from the top of the lantern room roof.

More hand grinding and prep work.

The first layer of lime has now been applied to the lighthouse surface.

Keith and one of his workers just after they installed the new main lighthouse door.

Keith Lescarbeau finalizing the installation of the new glass windows and brass framework.

Oil house building with a new roof and the exterior stripped and ready for new paint.

The final days of the restoration. The scaffolding has been removed and the crew is cleaning up.

The Oil house freshly painted

The lighthouse in all it’s glory just after the scaffolding had been taken down.

One of the 2 new solar panels for charging the battery bank for the LED signal light.
2010-06-08 10.32.00.jpg
The new light beacon which consists of 144 red LED lights controlled by a simple electronic circuit to control the proper flash sequence 2 seconds on 4 seconds off.
The First lighting of the new Dutch Island Light 11/20/07 Celebrated by the firing of Macy Webster’s cannon. The lighthouse itself is lit up by ground lights run by a generator on the island.

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